Sunday at Spencers Swing

Lindy Hop class on the Reading / Wokingham border on Sundays


Classes at  Spencer's Wood Village Hall, on the south edge of Reading

Sunday Evening Timetable 7.00 to 9.10

7.00 pm Lindy Hop Level 1

8.10 pm Lindy Hop Level 2

Lindy Hop
Level 1 Lindy Hop is a 70-minute minute session.  Join us on one of our regular start dates - listed below - where we will teach you the basic elements to get you started. 
Level 2 Lindy Hop can be taken as soon as you are ready and we will encourage you to have taste of Level 2 when appropriate. 
Up-coming start dates for new Lindy Hop beginners are:  29 Mar, 26 Apr, 7 Jun
The link for booking your introduction to Lindy hop is below - just £18 for four consecutive weeks. 

The Level 1 Lindy Hop cost is £6 pay-as-you go or use the introductory discount of  just £18 for a 4-week block starting on the dates listed above. 
The Level 2 Lindy Hop cost is £8 pay-as-you go (after completing at least 4 weeks of Level 1 classes).  This price covers you for the whole 2 hours -  including the Level 1 Lindy Hop class.

Venue Details

Getting to Spencers Wood Village Hall, Basingstoke Rd, RG7 1AP

These classes are held in this beautifully maintained historic building with a great sprung dance floor.  On Reading's southern edge, Spencers Wood is 2 minutes drive from the M4.  Immediately south of Three Mile Cross follow the old Basingstoke Rd and at the brow of the hill you will find the hall.  It sits between the village church and the Farriers Arms with parking both on site and on Clares Green Rd.

We also hold Juke Joint and Goody Goody social dances here.


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