Dance Classes Across Berkshire

Flexible offer in May and June

Easy to reach from south Oxfordshire, north west Surrey and north east Hampshire.
Fun and friendly classes with expert tuition.
A wide choice of great venues.

Current offers for beginners pay-as-you-go.

Welcome to Jive and Swing in Berkshire

Also serving south Oxfordshire, north west Surrey and north east Hampshire.

Check out our recently extensive program of classes in three dance styles and pick a start date. More classes coming later this year.

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Also see our REGULAR BAND NIGHTS and record hops.

We also offer private tuition, DJ services, etc.

Dance Classes

Up to 5 evenings of tuition and frequent social events with venues across Reading and Wokingham plus some special workshops.

Have you never danced before? Do you have 2 left feet? Are you sometimes dance-shy at parties? Or are you in need of a routine for your wedding or other special event?

Our beginners classes are designed to get everyone social dancing. Join our friendly group sessions and you will soon be part of the action. Dancing benefits your body, your mind and your social life.

Regular start dates for new beginners

1950s JIVE on Wednesdays in Wokingham / Bracknell and on Thursdays in Caversham, Reading.
SWING JIVE on Tuesdays in Reading (Mondays returning soon).
LINDY HOP on Tuesdays in Redlands, Reading and on Sundays in Spencer's Wood, Shinfield
CHARLESTON coming soon.

If you do not require a beginners introduction you may apply to join us on any date.

Wednesdays - Wokingham / Bracknell from 8.00 pm
Thursdays - Caversham in Reading from 8.00 pm

Authentic American 6-beat jive, just perfect for dancing to rock 'n' roll and rhythm 'n' blues. Guys and Gals get to grips with this very accessible vintage social dance.

Tuesdays - Reading (Redlands) from 7.15 pm
(Mondays - returning soon)

Blending elements of several styles creates this popular vintage dance. With more variation and styling than Rock'n'Roll, it works well for music from the 1940s to the 1950s.
TUESDAY SWING JIVE CLASS St Luke's Parish Hall, Reading

Tuesdays - Reading (Redlands) from 8.00 pm
Sundays - South Reading / Wokingham from 7.00 pm

Sumptuous swing dancing, born in New York's Harlem ballrooms, full of fun and variety, appealing across generations. A classy free-style partner dance, perfect for playful self-expression.
TUESDAY LINDY HOP CLASS St Luke's Parish Hall, Reading

Regular Social Dances
Live Music Events

In addition to a wide range of classes we also organise top-class social dance events includng live band events.
Reading Rock and Roll
Wokingham Rock and Roll
Goody Goody Swing Dance Practice Sessions