All abilities are welcome to share in the fun.  Professional teachers spreading the joy of social dancing. 

Lindy Hop on Tuesdays

Swing dance classes in central Reading on Tuesdays

In central Reading at Watlington Hall, RG1 4RJ.


Just outside the IDR on the edge of the town centre, this venue offers plenty of public transport options in addition to free on-site parking at the front and at the rear.
Located behind the historic Watlington House is a community hall, located in the garden beside the rear car park.
All access is at the eastern end of South Street through a gate in the high wall:  cross the car park and the garden area to the hall.
Navigate to RG1 4RJ and remember that vehicles cannot access South St from Watlington St and so drivers can use London St, Sidmouth St or East St to reach the rear car park or use the parking at the front of Watlington House and walk around.

The map at the bottom of the page may help you to get the picture.


7.55 pm arrive for...
8.00 pm Introduction to Swing Dancing, suitable for beginners.
From 9.00 pm Improvers Lindy Hop, once you feel ready.


Raise your social dancing for more fun.  Swing Dance is playful and varied, suited to a range of retro music and even some modern tunes. This is a new class for 2024 and is designed to offer a ready welcome to swing dancing. 

We start with "Introduction to Swing Dancing" which develops your core ability, giving you a great foundation to build on. Plenty of revision is built in. 
This introductory section is designed so that more experienced dancers can also use it to hone their ability and to add layers of styling. The content is planned in units that allow new students to join approximately each two weeks.

Once you have got started then you can "pay-as-you-go" for either the first hour or the full 2 hours once you are ready.

There is plenty of practice time and no pressure.  Getting fitter and making new friends, dancing to cool tunes will lift your mood and anyone can do it.
Partner dances generally have a "Leader" and a "Follower".  We typically have more applications for the Follower role and so we seek a reasonable balance in each class - unlike some dance classes. Some class members learn both roles. NOTE  It is an advantage for the Leader to be at least as tall as the Follower.

Come with or without a partner.
COUPLES can chose if they want to remain together in the class or spend some time practicing with the other dancers.

Launching into Lindy Hop

Don't delay any longer before planning your first steps into the friendly community of dance.

We offer Tuesday start dates across the year and encourage you to book a package of Introduction to Swing Dancing sessions for a good foundation.
We aim for a sensible balance of Lead and Follow roles and so we offer 2 ways to join us.
Option1: book one of the limited number of "Intro To Swing" spaces offered through our online shop; this helps us to keep the lead and follow roles in reasonable balance.
Option 2:  use the application form to request a start date or a single class to get a taste.
(Some people use private tuition to get started.)
If you are an experienced dancer and want to go beyond the introductory level then use the application form and we can advise you when and how to join us.


There are options to pay-as-you go or to pre-purchase a discounted package.

PAY-AS-YOU-GO allows totally flexible attendance for these prices:
£7 per week Introduction to Swing Dancing (8pm to 9pm).
£10 per week 8pm to 10pm.

We accept cash and contactless / card payments for pay-as-you-go.

​​​CURRENT DISCOUNTED PACKAGES are pre-paid and subject to terms.
INTRO TO SWING  Three weeks for just £15 to be used within the stated perod.  A limited number are offered in our online shop using the link below.
WHOLE CLASS  Six weeks from 8pm to 10 pm for £45 - use within 8 weeks (i.e. in case you need to skip up to 2 weeks).  Purchase during September at the class by cash or card.​​​​​​
3-MONTH OFFER  All Tuesday classes in Sep, Oct and Nov 2024 (13 weeks) for £95. Excludes any December classes.  Purchase during September at the class by cash or card. 


Apply using this form if you:
- cannot find a suitable offer in the online shop
- want to join as an experienced dancer
- want to know more about mixing lead and follow roles



Complete all of the required items.  When submitted you will see an information page.  If not then look for an error message and resolve before submitting.

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