All abilities are welcome to share in the fun.  Professional teachers spreading the joy of social dancing. 

Lindy Hop on Thursdays

Lindy Hop dance classes in Caversham on Thursdays

Thursdays at St Andrew's Hall, Caversham, Reading, RG4 7PL.



These classes are held at St Andrew's Church Hall, Albert Rd, Caversham, Reading between RG4 7AW and RG4 7PL.  Located at the junction with Harrogate Rd which leads to the A4074 Woodcote Rd to Wallingford.
This is a spacious hall with a wooden floor and on-site parking. 

The map at the bottom of the page may help you to get the picture.


Doors open 7.40 pm.
7.45 pm Essential Lindy Hop, suitable for beginners.
8.30 pm Improvers Lindy Hop, once you feel ready
9.15 pm Intermediate Lindy Hop where the fun level is even higher.
Finish at 10.00 pm.


Lindy Hop grew out of the cultural mix of Harlem’s ballrooms and then decided to stick around and  eventually become globally popular which is great for each generation of new converts.  Evolving from it’s late 1920’s birth to populate the planet, it has embraced many  influences, making Lindy Hop a diverse, flexible way to let yourself go to cool music in a range of tempos.

Partner dances generally have a "Leader" and a "Follower".  We typically have more applications for the Follower role and so we seek a reasonable balance in each class.  Some class members learn both roles.  NOTE  It is an advantage for the Leader to be at least as tall as the Follower.

Come with or without a partner.
COUPLES can chose if they want to remain together in the class or spend some time practicing with the other dancers.

Launching into Lindy Hop

Don't delay any longer before planning your first steps into the friendly community of dance.

We offer start dates across the year and currently invite you to book a 4-week course of Essential Lindy Hop for just £20 to get you started. 
This is our WELCOME OFFER- details below.
If you are unable to commit to the whole course then use the application form on this page for Pay-As-You-Go and we will look to fit you in. 
Some people use private tuition to get started.
If you are an experienced dancer and want to go beyond Essential Lindy Hop then use the application form and we can advise you when and how to join us.


Most of our dancers pay as they go by cash or card / contactless.  We do offer new starters the chance to secure their place in Essential Lindy Hop by booking a discounted block of consecutive weeks to get started.

PAY-AS-YOU-GO allows flexible attendance for these prices:
£8 per week Essential Lindy Hop (7.45 up to 8.30 pm).
£10 per week after from 7.45 pm and past 8.30pm when you want the Improvers and / or Intermediate sessions.

We accept cash and contactless / card payments for pay-as-you-go.
Pre-payment for your convenience may be available for regular attendees.
If you can commit to starting with four consecutive weeks of Essential Lindy Hop then our discounted WELCOME OFFER is for you.  Pre-book this for just £20 (subject to availability).  Use the link below that takes you to our shop.


Apply using this form if you:
- cannot find a suitable Welcome Offer
- cannot commit to a 4-week introductory block
- want to join as an experienced dancer
- want to know more about learning both lead and follw roles.



Complete all of the required items.  When submitted you will see an information page.  If not then look for an error message and resolve before submitting.

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