Dance Styles

Find out a more about each dance style that we teach.

American Jive, sometimes described as Rock ‘n’ Roll, was super-cool in the age of Elvis, it had a huge revival later in the 20th century and just keeps going strong because it’s such fun.  We start you with 6-beat single-time basics before adding heaps of fun variations to  keep your dancing fresh.  Our Jive classes are also a great route into the other dance styles that we teach.  To supplement the practice time during the classes  we organise frequent, top-class social events to exercise your new dance skills including live performances by touring bands supported by expert DJs.

We have regular start dates (roughly monthly at each venue) for new beginners and you can pre-book the 4-week introduction to Level 1.

Learn to Jive at one of these venues:
Mondays at Park Lane, West Reading   MORE INFO
Wednesdays at Rhythm Ranch, Wokingham   MORE INFO
Thursdays at The Heights, Caversham, Reading   MORE INFO

Stylish and suited to a wide range of tempos: we teach mainly to medium tempos (slower than our Jive classes) using jump blues, jazz, etc. 
This popular, flowing dance requires an intermediate level of technical skill, between Jive and Lindy Hop, and is centred on 6-beat core figures using triple-time footwork.  It's a great way to learn strong fundamentals before moving on to 8-beat Lindy Hop and, as with other swing styles, it is common to add some Charleston figures to the mix when dancing socially. 
We offer this dance as a progression from Jive.  If you have suitable dance experience and would like to join this class without first attending our Jive classes then contact us and we can discuss your options. 
In our Jitterbug Boogie classes we ask students to rotate partners frequently during the class as this experience quickly raises you skill level. 
Social dancing opportunities include our monthly Juke Joint events in Spencer's Wood as well as live music events.

Like most of the videos here our sample shows some high-quality dancing that has been choreographed.  We don't expect you to become professionals and so don't worry that this looks advanced - it is.  The video has content that we would not expect to teach in these Jitterbug Boogie classes but it is fun to watch.  Each week we will teach moves that the class is ready to tackle and there will be plenty of revision.

Currently we are teaching Jitterbug Boogie on Thursdays following the Jive Level 2 class at The Heights  MORE INFO HERE
(Later we shall be adding another class venue teaching this style.) 
If you are keen to do something in a similar vein on another night then you might consider our Level 1 Lindy Hop classes on Sundays and Tuesdays.

Lindy Hop,  the Rolls Royce of swing dancing, grew out of the cultural mix of Harlem’s ballrooms and then decided to stick around and  eventually become globally popular which is great for each generation of new converts.  Evolving from it’s late 1920’s birth to populate the planet, it embraces Charleston and Black Bottom as well as influences from Ballroom, Tap and popular ‘animal dances’.  This make The Lindy Hop a fun, freestyle, flexible way to let yourself go to swinging music from the last 100 years and can be danced to all types and tempos of swinging music. 

This video shows a world-class demonstration to an up-tempo number and uses mostly double-time steps.  We chose it as it exhibits much of the true spirit of the dance and avoids  'exhibition' moves such as throws which some people associate Lindy Hop.  Enjoy the video and don't think that we expect you to be this good.  We will teach you social dance skills in these classes and each dancer will progress at their own pace without pressure because the key to this dance is FUN!

We have regular start dates (roughly monthly at each venue) for new beginners and you can pre-book the 4-week introduction to Level 1.

Learn The Lindy Hop at one of these venues:
Tuesdays at Swing Central   MORE INFO
Sundays at Spencer's Swing   MORE INFO

The '20s are about to come roaring back so get ready to party! 
Charleston has more variation than you might expect and if you sprinkle in some Jazz dance steps then there is plenty to play with.  Charleston can be danced in more than one style and can be solo or partnered.  Our classes will teach you steps and also raise your general dance skills, with the long-term health benefits that brings, and will also improve any Jive and Swing dancing that you do.

We have chosen a competition video to show you how different dancers have different looks.  The classes will be much less demanding than this video as you are probably not aiming to dance competitively.  There will be plenty of revision and the tempo will be measured to make learning easier and to enable you to leave the class excited but not exhausted.  So enjoy the video for inspiration but don't expected to be pushed near this level in these mixed-ability, mixed-fitness classes.  You can start Charleston in a low-energy way and then choose if and when to dance more dynamically as you fitness allows.

Learn The Charleston at one of these venues:

Tuesdays at Swing Central   MORE INFO
Thursday at The Heights   MORE INFO

Stroll is a kind of 1950s-style line-dancing.  A Stroll is a  group dance rather than a partnered dance.  There are popular, simple routines, there are variations on these dances and  there are more advanced choreographies.  Many are commonly danced to medium-slow tempos and others are more lively and so we shall mix tempos during the classes.  At social events Strolls are used as a break from partner dancing and offer the opportunity to join a group on the dance-floor - even if some in the group are dancing a variation (as in the video).  Learning strolls improves your general dancing by learning new steps and skills and offers a fun work-out for mind and body.

Here is a video of one of the easiest strolls that you can learn.

Learn Strolls on Mondays at Park Lane   MORE INFO