Thursday at The Heights

Charleston, Jive and Jitterbug Boogie in Caversham, Reading on Thursdays

Classes at St Andrew's Church Hall, Caversham, Reading.

Thursday Evening Timetable 7.20 to 10.00

Take a single class or a combination

7.20 pm Charleston 

8.00 pm Jive Level 1

8.40 pm Jive Level 2

9.20 pm Jitterbug Boogie

Charleston - NEW
A forty minute session for just £4.  Join us any week.
This works as an exercice session and as a dance class and you can tackle the content at your personal energy and fitness level - we will show you how.  We will work on Charleston and some other jazz steps, creating a short sequence each week: over time you will gradually  master a wide vocabulary of solo steps.  We will also spend some time showing you how these steps could be danced with a partner.  This class is a great way to deveop general dance ability.  Charleston can also  be used in Jive and Swing dancing to add variation.

JIve Levels 1 and 2
Level 1 Jive is a forty minute session for just £4 and at first you will need to join on one of our regular start dates where we will teach you the basic elements to get you started: we recommend a 4-week introduction course for just £14. 
Up-coming start dates for new beginners are: Oct 17, Nov 14. 
The link for booking you Jive introductory offer is below: - just £14 for four consecutive weeks. 

Level 2 Jive can be taken as soon as you are ready and we will encourage you to have taste of Level 2 when appropriate.  The content is more stretching so that you can continue to improve your dancing and develop a wide dance vocabulary.  If you have past dance experience and think that you are ready to try this class then contact us. 
Level 2 classes cost £8 per week and this price allows you to attend the whole evening from 7.20 to 10.00.

Jitterbug Boogie started 22 August
For those who can Jive and now want to stretch themselves further, these sessions introduce more advanced step patterns and technique, danced to more moderate tempo music than we use in the Jive session.  Classes cost £8 per week and this price allows you to attend the whole evening from 7.20 to 10.00.  If you only wish to take the Jitterbug Boogie Class and can attend regularly we can offer a block booking at a discount - contact us to explain your current dance experience and when you would like to attend. 

Venue Details

These classes are held at St Andrew's Church Hall, Albert Rd, Caversham, Reading RG4 7PL.  Located at the junction with Harrogate Rd which leads to the A4074 Woodcote Rd to Wallingford.  This is a spacious hall with a wooden floor and on-site parking.  SEE MAP BELOW. 
(NOTE: On election nights we move to an alternate hall just a few minutes away.)


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