Classes without pre-payment

Attending without pre-booking

Pre-booking offers discounts for our introductions to 1950s-style Jive or Lindy Hop.
These reflect the dates on which we accept new begiiners to these classes.  You can chose to enjoy discounts when you pre-book you first block of lessons for these classes.

 You don't need to pre-book our regular Charleston class or our Level 2 classes in Jive  or Lindy Hop.  If you have not taken Jive or Lindy Hop with us previously you should contact us before joining a Level 2 class.

You don't even need to pre-book Level 1 classes in either Jive or Lindy Hopif you don't want to take the discounted offer.   You do still need to use one of our regular start dates for new beginners: this is so that you initially attend when the teaching is designed to be most appropriate for new beginners.